Your Hair Will Look More Beautiful If You Don’t Wash It Regularly

Remember the last time a friend gave you the look of disgust when you skipped your hair wash? Turns out, you don’t have to be embarrassed about that anymore.


Yes, we’re telling you that you don’t have to wash your hair everyday. How often you need to shampoo depends on your hair type, and mostly up to whether your hair needs it!

And you know what? Your locks don’t have to go under the shower after every workout.


Normal To Dry Hair

If you have normal to dry hair, try washing up to just twice a week, or daily if necessary. Those with oily hair can start off once every couple of days, or when your hair is visibly greasy, itching or even flaking. This often happens to those with fine and straight hair.


Thick or Curly Hair

Shampoo twice a week if you have coarse, thick or curly hair, and add in one co-wash session to keep the moisture in to reduce breakage and tangles. You heard us right – skip the shampoo and make do with just the conditioner. This is so that you won’t go on overkill on stripping your hair of its nutrients and natural oils.

Skip co-washing on thin hair if the oily look doesn’t subside overtime.


Oily Hair

And if you have oily scalp, you should know that the daily shampooing is drying out your scalp, which in turn produces more oil. Also, excessive shampooing is drying and potentially damaging for those with naturally dry hair. 

But really, sometimes you’ve just got to listen to your hair and give it a wash when it asks for it.


Regardless of your hair type, clarify your hair every once in a while as your regular shampoo isn’t going to completely cleanse all the dirt and residues that are hiding in your scalp.

You might want to check out this piece on why you need a bottle of clarifying shampoo in your bathroom. Don’t forget to share with us some of your hair wash tips by commenting below!

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