What You Need To Know About Glamping

The not-so glam side of glamping

The idea of sleeping on a comfortable bed, while being surrounded by natural wonders, sounds like a great idea. That’s what glamping us about about! You get to sleep in a well-furnished tent with beds, chairs, and possibly even heater, electricity and running water. When you wake up, you get to see the sun rising above the horizon of the sea, or sun rays shining through the canopy of the forest. In the day, you also get to enjoy rustic adventures, provided by nature. That’s the life!


But be warned! While glamping is the upgraded version of camping, it does not completely shelter you away from nature. There are a couple of minor glamping annoyances that you should be prepared for:


1. The Unbearable Cold


Burrrr! Waking up to nature has its perks and challenges


Not all glamping accommodations offer electricity. This means no heater and potentially being at the mercy of cold temperature or strong winds at night. If you are expecting cold weather -- especially if you are going to high mountains, forests, seasides, etc-- it’s important for you to check if there are heaters. 


With that said, some glamping spots may not offer the electric heater but the stunning views make up for it. The key is to prepare ahead with thick clothing, extra blankets and good moisturisers. We would recommend bringing Funday Sesame Stick. It's a portable, pen-like skincare product that is specially formulated for Asian skin. As stated in the name, it's made of sesame oil, which is known for its moisturising properties. It’s great for cracked skin and has wound healing properties -- great to treat cracked lips, hands and feet. 



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2. Annoying Bugs


Imagine getting 5-6 mosquito bites after an hour of fishing, that’s no fun


Bugs and nature goes hand in hand. While most glamping tents are equipped with mesh windows and zipper doors to keep the 2 million bugs out of your safe space, some bugs can get in if you are not careful! The worst is when some of these bugs decide to make you their next meal. If you’ve decided to redeem the free Funday Sesame Stick, then you’ll have less to worry about. Funday Sesame Stick doubles up as an insect repellent and itch relief -- handy tool, aint it? 


One way or another, be prepared for insect bites to make your glamping experience itch-free! Also, don’t forget to bring it along during day activities. If you are going to hike or fish, your insect repellent or insect bite remedy -- or just Funday Sesame Stick -- will come in handy.


3. Loss of Connectivity 


Raising your phone up won't give you better reception when you are glamping


Some glamping spots are too remote for any phone reception. That means no social media, no mobile games, no website surfing. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any solution to help you ease your nomophobia. The only way to manage is to mentally prepare yourself for a digital detox. 


Channel in your positivity and view this as an opportunity to connect with nature and truly be in the moment. Or, you can just treat it as a way to break away from work -- it’s the best reason to shy away from work! Oh wait, your boss might not even be able to reach you (oops!)


4. Unbelievable Strong Winds



This is especially true if you are glamping on mountain and if you are a light sleeper. I have heard this complaint many times “ I couldn’t fall asleep in the tent because the sound of the strong winds hitting the tent was too loud!”


Do yourself a favour. If you intend to have a good rest, prepare noise-cancelling earbuds on your trip. You’ll thank you later. 



With this, I hope you can have a better idea of how glamping is like. It’s fancy, but its still in the nature. So be prepared and thoroughly enjoy your glamping experience! 


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