This Treatment is a Game-Changer for Hair Loss Issues

Some time last week, I had my second 101 Signature Meridian Scalp Treatment from BEIJING 101 after my first treatment a month ago, and it was the best thing ever.

It sounded exaggerating, but when you have scalp like mine — oily at certain areas, red and dry at other areas — and after the treatment session, the oiliness, redness and dryness subsided, it is, in fact, life changing. After all, poor scalp health can lead to breakage, fallout and unhealthy hair regrowth. So to help any one of you with scalp or hair loss issues and may be considering getting a hair and scalp treatment, here’s what you can expect to experience.


First, a quick introduction on the treatment that I got: 101 Signature Meridian Scalp Treatment is a customisable scalp treatment that uses premium grade Chinese herbs such as Ginseng, He Shou Wu and Ling Zhi. The treatment deep cleanses the scalp and unclog the follicles of impurities and removes toxins, while addressing the causes of hair loss. Together with acupressure-point scalp massage, the treatment aims to promote healthy hair growth and regeneration by removing blood stasis and dilating the blood capillaries of the scalp. 


Here’s everything you can expect from the treatment as a first-timer:


1. First things first, a full hair analysis will be conducted by a certified 101 consultant to understand the condition of your scalp. The consultant will pinpoint the cause of your hair loss — lifestyle habits, inflammation, usage of wrong haircare products — before deciding on how to proceed with the treatment to address the issues and achieve optimal scalp health.


Left:  When I first did the analysis last month, hair dye residues (brown spots) and oily scalp can be seen. 

Right: Before the treatment was conducted last week, I did another scan. The dye residues were effectively removed but my pores were clogged with oil (white spots).


2. A scalp detoxification mask treatment which is formulated with premium Chinese herbs will be applied to unclog pores that consists of sweat, oil, dry shampoo buildup and any other impurities. The mask also helps in deep cleansing after, sloughing away any remaining buildup. You will experience a cooling and refreshing sensation on your scalp. 

3. After 20 minutes, you will be sent to have your hair washed. A nice, relaxing scalp massage and tips on how to wash your hair correctly will be given during the midst of the wash. 


4. Scalp strengthening ampoules will then be applied on the scalp with a relaxing sea salt neck wrap that helps to soothe the senses and prep for the relaxing head and scalp massage. 


5. Then you will be treated like a royal. A stimulating yet soothing 20-minute massage will be given to work the hair-loving ingredients into the follicles. You can choose from 4 different kind of massages that not only targets at your hair concerns but also different health concerns such as lack of sleep or achy body. 


6. To encourage better blood circulation and regeneration of hair growth, the latest Alpha Hair Beam light therapy is used to increase hair density and encourage vital absorption of nutrients into the roots. 


7. Lastly, another hair analysis will be conducted to show how clean your scalp is after the treatment. You will be absolutely amazed by the results! I felt an immediate difference after the blow-dry, the treatment gave my scalp an amazingly fresh and clean feeling.


The treatment effectively deep cleansed my scalp, no more clogged pores!




My biggest takeaway from the treatment — your scalp and hair health go hand in hand. Pay attention to your scalp as it’s the key to healthier hair. The treatment takes around two hours, and it’s going to worth every minute of your time. My scalp felt refreshed after the treatment, it felt lighter, airier and cleaner. Even few days after the treatment, my scalp still feel amazing. I truly enjoyed my experience with 101, the service, the consultants and the products used are remarkable. With proper and regular treatment, your scalp and hair will stay healthy for many years to come.



101 is known for treatments that promote hair growth and improve scalp health.  Through a research done by Ipsos, results have shown that 101’s hair treatment is the most effective. Beijing 101 Hair Consultants has a team of certified hair care consultants and TCM physicians who help customers to not only achieve optimal hair and scalp health but also the overall holistic well-being.


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