Sample Store Tea Festival

We will be serving up 4 Taiwan tea, from WORLDiBUY, for all you tea-lovers.

While everyone is visiting Jewel for Singapore Tea Festival, we are celebrating our own Sample Store Tea Festival. From the classic Alishan oolong tea to honey-flavoured black tea, we are sure that you’d be able to find a satisfying drink in our tea collection.



Tea Collection #1: UG Tea Enjoy In The Forest: Alishan Oolong Tea


As the name suggests, UG Tea Enjoy In The Forest: Alishan Oolong Tea originates from Alishan, Taiwan. It is a mountain where pollution-free, natural spring water is plentiful and used to irrigate tea plantation. When its peak time, you can see farmers busy with tea harvest. At UG Tea, the farmers would handpick the leaves and bring the fresh leaves through sophisticated fermentation and de-oxidation processes. All in order to preserve the original fragrance of Taiwan High mountain tea. 


This premium tea is not only fragrant. It can also be steeped up to seven times, without losing it sensational taste and fragrances. How cool is that? Based on the steep time, you can control the flavour and intensity of the tea, making an ideal tea for both casual and expert tea drinkers. 


Samples of this tea are running out fast. If you are lucky, you may be able to redeem it at If you aren't, you can still purchase and savour the high mountain tea at



Tea Collection #2: Hugosum Black Tea Garden - Pekoe Cat Walk Tea Bags - Emerald


The beginning of Pekoe Cat Walk Tea is an interesting one. The story is that the seed of tea was secretly hidden in a walking stick and brought to Taiwan. It was during the Japanese colonial period when times were turbulent. But none of it mattered to the tea lover. Ultimately, the seed was planted at Taiwan Sun Moon Lake. 


After 60 years, the seedling grew into an old-tree black tea. It continues to produce smooth and mellow tea that is well-liked by Taiwanese. Pekoe Cat Walk Tea - Emerald, in particular, has a natural fruity and floral after-taste. It is enjoyable on its own or with an added tangy twist of lime and sugar. 


From 22-18 July, you’ll be able to redeem a sachet of Pekoe Cat Walk Tea- Emerald at If you are redeeming it, do share with us your opinion on the tea and its story when you leave us a review! If you wish to purchase the retail-sized package, click



Tea Collection #3: YCTEA Sun Moon Lake Ruby Black Tea


Known as Taiwan Tea No. 18, YCTEA Sun Moon Lake Ruby Black Tea is carefully harvested from the tea plantation at Yuchi Town, Taiwan. The humble farmers insist on natural farming, weeding and harvesting, to bring out the best tea leaves. They are not only concerned about their craft, but also your health and the environment. That’s why the tea does not contain any pesticide content (passed EU inspection code 470) and the tea bag is specifically made using corn silk – an environmentally-friendly packaging. 


The end product of their hard work is a ruby-coloured tea with natural cinnamon taste and light mint aroma. The taste and fragrance are so good that tea experts have commended as one of the top grade black tea leaves and named it as "Taiwanese Incense". 


Have a taste of the “Taiwanese incense” yourself at from 5-11 August. You can also purchase the retail-sized package of 15 tea bags at



Tea Collection #4: Sky Stairs Tea Honey Flavour Black Tea Bag


Sky Stairs Tea Honey Flavour Black Tea is a bright orange tea with a unique honey aroma. Interesting, no honey was added in the process. The honey aroma comes from the “biting saliva” of leafhoppers. Once the tea is roasted -- through a secret tea roasting technique that has been passed down for 3 generations – the “biting saliva” is infused into the tea to produce the sweet, honey aroma. 


All of Sky Stairs Tea's teas are tenderly nurtured to bring out the highest quality for each and every brew. Through the packaging and tea, you can see and feel their commitment to bring you the best tea from the heart of Taiwan.


 Sky Stairs Tea Honey Flavour Black Tea is up for grabs on 12-18 August at To purchase the retail-sized packaging of 10 tea bags, do head to




We hope you will enjoy our Sample Store Tea Festival collection! As you can see, our teas are available for redemption at different dates. If you are interested to redeem but are afraid that you can’t keep track of the dates, just follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Each time a product is launched, we will post about it to remind our followers.


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By Writer, Shirley Yam