Sample Store Review: PPLs® ImmuBless Spray

It’s our turn to review PPLs® ImmuBless Spray from Best of Taiwan 2019

If you have read my previous review on Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream, you’d have known that I'd be reviewing all Best of Taiwan 2019 products! Since we have been asking our members to review products, I thought “why don’t we review the products as well?”


So here is my take on PPLs® ImmuBless Spray!


About NatureWise Biotech & Medicals Corporation and PPLs® ImmuBless Spray


PPLs® ImmuBless Spray is produced by NatureWise Biotech & Medicals Corporation. NatureWise Biotech & Medicals Corporation (NBM) was founded by Dr CY Huang to develop naturally derived therapies to counter diseases which have no effective treatments. Propolis, a resin-like material made by bees, is one of the natural ingredients.


Through their proprietary extraction technology, NBM extracts a composition, known as PPLs®, from Taiwanese green propolis and packed it into PPLs® ImmuBless Spray. PPLs® has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-oxidation properties. That's why PPLs® ImmuBless Spray is a soothing spray for anyone who has toothache, gingivitis, sore throat, aphthous ulcer, virginitis, bad breath. PPLs® also helps to boost the immune system. If you generally have low immunity or are constantly under pressure, you would find PPLs® ImmuBless Spray a convenient spray that helps you to reduce fatigue and risk of respiratory and gynaecological infections.


Our Review on PPLs® ImmuBless Spray


I was a little shocked to find that liquid inside PPLs® ImmuBless Spray is actually oil. I imagined the spray to be watery, but propolis is processed from bee's wax so it's naturally oily. 


Sprayed the liquid on the hands to show you the oily texture!


It was coincidental because when I first tried the product, I had tongue ulcers (I just came back to work from 8 days straight of eating Korean food). The spray came at the right time. Generally, the liquid had a minty taste. When it touches my ulcers, it had a numbing effect, which was a positive sign to me.


I continued to use PPLs® ImmuBless Spray for another 2-3 days. Sure enough, my ulcers healed! It was definitely faster than the usual time! I also noticed that my breath was fresher. I checked my breath only at the end of the day. So it was nice to know that I didn’t suffocate my co-workers for that day.


What is your Review?


This is my take on PPLs® ImmuBless Spray. I do have to say, while the product works, it’s not a miracle spray. During the testing period, I stayed clear from heaty food and drank sufficient water. I’m sure it’s a combination of a healthier diet and the spray that made my ulcer go away.



PPLs® ImmuBless Spray is a multi-function spray. It worked for my ulcer and it might also work for toothache, gingivitis, sore throat, and virginitis. If you have any of the symptoms, give it spray a try at Once you try it, don’t forget to leave us a review!


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