Sample Store Review: Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil

It’s our turn to review Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil from Best of Taiwan 2019

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About Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Manufactory Corporation and their Superior Camellia Oil


Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Manufactory Corporation is a collective of humble tea oil farmers. With “honesty” is their main business principle and “quality first, customer first” as their conviction, they hope to improve the livelihood of tea oil farmers and promote healthy living through the use of their products. Camellia seed oil being one of their main produce. 


Camellia oil is one of the most treasured secrets of the geisha, due to it high nutritional value. It has the highest value of mono-unstaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil, zero cholesterol content, and contains omega-3 fatty acids and other essential fatty acids. Camellia oil is not only a healthy edible oil, its small oil molecule also make it suitable to apply on hair and skin. Since ancient times, it has been used to moisturise skin, strength hair, boost the immune system, and stimulate wound healing.


Our Review on Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil



There are many ways of consuming camellia oil. One way is to drink it directly.


The first time I tried Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil, I was asked to drink a spoonful of the oil. My boss insisted that the oil had high nutritional value and that it was healthy to consume it directly. Initially, I was a little weirded out. I have never once thought of oil as a drink nor supplement. But once I took a sip of Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil, I thought it was really not that bad! Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil had a nutty and rich-taste. To me, it tasted like almond.



I also did a little research on the practise of drinking oil. It is actually a common practice, especially in the Mediterraneans. They would drink olive oil, as a form of natural supplement, to kick start their day. Similarly, drinking small amounts of camellia oil has the same effect. Regular consumption helps to reduce the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. 

In fact, camellia oil is well-known as the “olive oil of the orient”. It has many beneficial properties like olive, but it has better antioxidant properties due to a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. 


The oil absorbs quickly into the skin! 


Drinking is one of the many ways to consume camellia oil. Camellia has incredibly small molecule that makes it ideal for topical application on hair and skin. It is believed that camellia oil can minimise the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate dandruff, prevent split ends and breakage, protect against skin infection and reduce the appearance of scars. I applied a small amount on my hand and it quickly absorbs into my skin! No wonder, many pregnant ladies like to use it to prevent and reduce stretch marks.  


Of course, the most common uses of oil is to cook it. How can we not test this? Well, my boss volunteered and use Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil to cook some of his meals. He loved the idea that the oil has no cholesterol. But he feedbacked that you’ll need to dristle your food with extra oil to make it fragrant and rich. Like any oil, the unique taste of the camellia oil will dissolve away when it comes into contact with heat. 


Generally, we both agreed that Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil is a natural, multi-purpose oil for beauty and healthy eating. It has no pesticide residue or aflatoxin, nor added antioxidants and trans-fatty acids. The fact that it has no cholesterol also makes it particularly useful for Singaporeans who are watching their diet. We would also recommend Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil for those who dislike the taste of olive oil.In fact, camellia oil is a better cooking oil as compared to olive oil. It has a higher smoking point , thus producing high stability and high temperature tolerance. You can even use it to deep fry food (you can’t do this with olive oil)! Because of its particularly nutty taste, I could totally imagine using it in chinese dishes, like sesame chicken, and western dishes, like pasta.


What is your Review?



This is our take Mei Shan Tea Seed Oil Superior Camellia Oil. If you are interested in this yummy, nutritional and multipurpose oil, head to to redeem a free sachet. Don’t forget to leave us a review and let us know what you think about camellia oil!


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