Sample Store Review: Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream

It’s our turn to review Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream from Best of Taiwan 2019

We try to encourage our members to review our products. This time, I thought we change it up and write an honest review of the products Sample Store is bringing in instead!  Specifically, I’d be reviewing all the Best of Taiwan 2019 products.


In case you have not heard, Best of Taiwan 2019 is one of Sample Store’s curated collections. All the products within Best of Taiwan 2019 are bestselling beauty, health and wellness products from Taiwan. Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream is one of them.


About Lab101 and Lab101 Sunscreen


Lab101 pride themselves in their simple, scientifically-backed and effective skincare products. Their products are developed to counter skin problems that arise from global climate changes.


Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream is part of their sun care series. It is a pure mineral, SPF50 PA *** broad-spectrum sunscreen. It’s water-resistant, suitable for all skin types and has a natural toning effect. Apart from its function as a sunscreen, it also has moisturizing, brightening, repairing, and soothing properties. These properties are further enhanced by their Circulating Blue Gold Molecule, which helps to increase actives’ penetration into the skin.


These are what Lab101 promises but do they deliver their promises?


Our Review on Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream


The sunscreen is in skin colour!


To test it, I tried Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream on my hands (I was lazy to remove makeup haha). Initially, I was quite shocked to see a white cast. But I remembered: your skin typically needs 30 minutes to absorb sunscreen. I waited 10 minutes or so, and true enough, the white cast faded to create a natural toning effect. My skin brightened and I could see a pink undertone, rather than my usual yellow undertone.


Same for the texture. It feels sticky and tacky at first. Once it is absorbed into the skin, it feels light and oil-free!


I also tried to run my hands through the water and the cream didn't wear off. I didn't have the luxury to soak in the water for long, but it did prove that the cream is water-resistant. It would probably withstand your sweat with ease.  Another feature that I particularly liked about Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream is that it's ocean-friendly. It does not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, which can cause significant damage to coral reefs. It's nice to know that I will not be destroying the ocean ecosystem while I'm having fun at the seas.


I applied the sunscreen on my whole hand in this photo. Safe to say, its tone up effect is very natural!


I can’t test Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream's repairing, soothing and moisturising effects. Generally, it has passed the test as a great sunscreen, especially for lazy days! A few squeezes of Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream and some concealer should be enough on days when you don't feel like putting on foundation. If you have dull skin, I would also recommend this sunscreen. The toning effect really helps to create that natural, healthy glow.


What is your Review?


This is my take on Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream. Everyone has different preferences for their sunscreens. The best way to find out if you’d like this product is to try it.



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