Sample Store Review: GreenE Pain Relief Tape

It’s our turn to review GreenE Pain Relief Tape from Best of Taiwan 2019

We are on a quest to review all Best of Taiwan 2019 products! So far, I have reviewed Lab101 Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream and PPLs® ImmuBless Spray (click on the product name if you want to read our reviews).


GreenE Pain Relief Tape is next on the list!


About GreenE Pain Relief Tape



GreenE Pain Relief Tape is a versatile, medical-grade that has been clinically proven to help with pain relief and muscle fatigue. It emits purified far-infrared to boost blood circulation. Specifically, blood flow-speed is increased by 21.9% which then benefits in the removal of lactic and hematic acid. It also aids in injury prevention and muscle fatigue by reducing muscular-strength regression, muscle stretching and torque.


Unlike other pain relief patches, GreenE Pain Relief Tape stretches to 192-230% of its original length. Its 4-way stretch technology allows for wider application on different parts of the body, such as the elbow, wrist or ankle. Once applied, it can be left on the skin for 36-hours. It is also water-resistant, hence reducing the need to remove the patch from the skin when bathing or swimming.


Its 4-way stretching technology is 3 times ahead of competitors


Our Review on GreenE Pain Relief Tape


Firstly, I have to say that I did not have any muscle pain or fatigue when I was testing this product. However, I can verify that it is a generally handy tape. I love its flexibility and elasticity. The retail sized product comes as a roll rather than a patch. This means you can adjust the size to your liking and use it for different parts of the body, no matter the size difference.


Its elasticity makes it easy to move around with the tape on!


To test its elasticity, I placed the tape on my elbow. It was an easy process because I could pull the tape in almost every direction. Because of its 4-way stretch technology, I could bend my elbows with ease. If you are a fitness junkie, who doesn’t want to miss a day of training, I would recommend GreenE Pain Relief Tape. It can also protect your muscles from overstretching!


What is your Review?



This is my take GreenE Pain Relief Tape. It isn’t as complete as I did not have muscle pain or fatigue to assess it fully. If you have muscle pain or fatigue, do us a favour: Redeem a free sample patch of the tape at, and let us know if it works for you!


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