Sample Store Review: dermaAngel Acne Patch

It’s our turn to review dermaAngel Acne Patch from Best of Taiwan 2019

If you have read our previous product reviews, you'd know that I am on a review spree! I have reviewed Lab101Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream, PPLs® ImmuBless Spray and GreenE Pain Relief Tape (click on the product name if you want to read the review).


Next, we have one of my favourite products from Best of Taiwan 2019: dermaAngel Acne Patch.


About dermaAngel and their Acne Patch


dermaAngel recognises that, sometimes, our skin needs a little extra help and support. That's when dermaAngel comes in with softer and gentler choices. It helps our skin through its "down days" and restore your skin to its natural state of glowing good health. For this reason, additives and unnecessary chemicals are also avoided. Only natural ingredients are used in their products.


dermaAngel Acne Patch is one of their best-selling products. The translucent acne patch effectively absorbs secretions, promotes wound healing and serves as a cover to protect acne from further infection. It is also ultra-thin ( <0.001 cm) and make-up friendly, which makes it a popular favourites amongst make-up users.


Our Review on dermaAngel Acne Patch


Generally, I have faith in acne patches because most acne patches are a type of hydrocolloid dressing. What is hydrocolloid dressing, you ask? Hydrocolloid dressings are medical dressing used to treat superficial wounds. The last time I had a bloody scrape on my cheek, it was exactly hydrocolloid dressing (and the doctor) that saved my face from scars. That’s why I have confidence that dermaAngel would work well for acne. It is made from hydrocolloid material!


Indeed, it did not disappoint. dermaAngel was able to help me absorb away my acne secretions after one night of application. I woke up the next morning to find smaller pimples!




Follow the package instructions and you’d be able to remove the patches in a clean and easy way.


dermaAngel is also much thinner and less visible than other acne patches out there. It does not completely blends into your skin. You can still see the circular outline of the patch, but it's a much better alternative than most. Because of its thinness, you will have to be careful when peeling the patch off its packaging. I folded the edges and the creases made the acne patch more obvious. The best way to remove is to follow the package instructions ( i didn't :P). The patches are laid on a plastic sheet which has a perforated line down the middle of each patch. All you need to do (and all i was supposed to do) is to tear the plastic sheet through the perforated line. You can then take your acne patch without accidentally folding the edges. 


Generally, i'd say dermaAngel Acne Patch works in reducing existing acne and preventing acne scars! I'd strongly recommend for those with acne-prone skin to try it! I do have to say, the patch is not for acne prevention. You will still need to search for an acne solution to prevent new acne from popping out! It also has a slower, but safe, healing process. You'll need patience before your acne completely disappears. 


What is your Review?



No doubt, dermaAngel is one of my favourite products from Best of Taiwan 2019. It might be your favourite too! Redeem your free sample acne patch at, and let us know if it works for you!


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