Processed Food From Taiwan That Are Actually Good For You

There’s nothing healthier than consuming whole, real food as much as possible. Think fresh produce − vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.

Other than fresh produce, packaged and processed food can be healthy as well! Most of us have the perception that packaged and processed food aren’t exactly nutritional powerhouses, they are full of empty calories with added preservatives, sodium and sugar. However, not all processed food are created equal. Think of a bag of chips with a long ingredient list that includes artificial flavourings and a bag of unsalted almonds. The bag of chips is definitely more heavily processed than the almonds — hence, not all packaged and processed food are equally bad for our health.


Stay on track with your healthy eating goals by adding these minimally processed food that are brought in to Singapore for the first time by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council).


1. Anyong Santé Premium-Silver Perch Essence



Made of all-natural extract of premium quality barramundi, award-winning Anyong Santé Premium-Silver Perch Essence contains 18 different kinds of amino acids and collagen that are beneficial to the human body. Here’s a fun fact of the product - 1 packet of fish essence is actually obtained from the goodness of 1.2kg worth of barramundi! Using high-pressure extraction technology, the fish essence consists of small amino acid molecules which can be easily absorbed by the body. With no added preservatives, artificial chemicals, cholesterol, fats, sugar and sodium, so you can rest assured that this is a healthy food supplement for you and your family. And the good thing about this fish essence is that it does not have any fishy odour, I can guarantee that you will enjoy it like I do!


2. Jiang-jiun-Corporation Taiwan Black Beans



Black beans are packed with plant-based protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber which can decrease the risk of many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Regular consumption of black beans can also help to maintain healthy bones and healthy digestion.  Through sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, Jiang-jjun-Corporation harvest fresh and nutritious black beans and made them into products like Organic Black Beans Tea, Cooked Black Beans, Black Beans Vinegar and Black Beans Cookies. The Black Beans Cookies has got to be my favourite black bean product, the buttery flavour of the cookies will keep you going back for more. These black beans based products help you to stay fuller, longer and are definitely good for the body. 


3. Nan Shing TW Company 100% Pure Rice Noodles



Compared to pasta and egg noodles, rice noodles are gluten-free, lower in carbohydrate, calorie count, fat and sodium. If you are on a doctor-supervised and low-calorie diet, having rice noodles as your staple might be a good choice. Using 100% Taiwanese Indica Rice, Nan Shing TW Company made their rice noodles using cold grinding technology to preserve the great taste. And the best thing is, they use 100% pure rice. 


4. Hsinchu City Farmers' Association Instant Rice Noodles



If you are too busy or lazy to make your own rice noodles dish, you can try Hsinchu City Farmers' Association Instant Rice Noodles! These instant rice noodles comes in different flavours and they are a healthier choice compared to your regular instant noodles. Each cup of noodles only carries 245 calories, which is approximately half of the calories that you get from your usual instant noodles! Not only they are convenient, they are tasty and healthier! 


5. Sinshih Farmers’ Association Edamame Pastry & Edamame Furikake


Do you know that 80% of edamame that is found in Japan comes from Taiwan? Most of us have the perception that edamame originated from Japan however they are from Taiwan instead! Edamame is known as ‘Taiwan Green Fold’ as it creates nearly 76 million USD one year in the export market of Taiwan. Many people love edamame due to its high nutritional value. It contains twice the amount of protein of meat, four times that of eggs and 12 times that of milk. On top of that, these vegetable soybeans are rich in minerals, vitamin and dietary fibres. High quality edamame from Taiwan, Sinshih, are used to create different type of food products like the Edamame Pastry and Edamame Furikake that are well-loved by the Taiwanese. These snacks are definitely much healthier than your potato chips and chocolate bars and they taste good!  


6. Tainan Madou District Farmers’ Association Dried Pomelo Peel



The rind of pomelo are rich in Vitamin C, polyphenols and rutin which help to fight free radicals, reducing the sugar and starch content in the body. Healthy and delicious, Tainan Madou District Farmers’ Association Dried Pomelo Peel are free from chemical preservatives, artificial flavouring, colouring and sweetener. It can be used in salads, cereals or you can indulge it on its own. This preserved fruit is seriously addictive! Apart from Dried Pomelo Peel, Tainan Madou District Farmers’ Association formulates other pomelo related products such as tea and body care products. 


7. Dongshi Grain Production Cooperative Peanuts



Peanuts are considered as one of the more popular snacks because they are healthy. Peanuts have great nutritional benefits that are exceptionally great for the older people. They are an excellent source of plant-based protein, fiber, and many key vitamins and minerals. Dongshi Grain Production Cooperative has a long standing history of producing peanuts and they have won many awards. Their products can be enjoyed during any time of the day and they are great to bring along anywhere and everywhere you go!


8. Quan Fong Food Mfg Co., Ltd Dried Jujubes



Jujube fruit, which is also known as red date or Chinese date packs a serious health punch. The fruit contains 5 times the amount of Vitamin C of a watermelon, 9 times of pear and 20 times of apples. Apart from that, it also carries Vitamin B1 and B2. Jujube improves digestion and has cancer-fighting properties. They are also known for promoting high-quality sleep, easing anxiety and stress. These dried jujubes from Quan Fong Food Mfg Co., Ltd are free from preservatives and food colourings. They can be eaten on its own or you can blend it into juices or smoothes for natural sweetness!


Last but not least, don’t forget about your fresh produce! Taiwan is the home to a wide variety of fresh produce. The country has been contributing their crops to the world’s fresh produce industry for decades.



You can find unique fresh produce like Purple Waxy Corn harvested through eco-friendly farming methods by Chingshui Farmers’ Association. Studies have shown that purple corn has the potential to fight obesity and diabetes, it also helps to lower blood pressure. It contains anthocyanins which makes it a powerful antioxidant as well. These unique purple corns are delicious, nutritious, low in calories and free from pesticides. 



Not forgetting fresh and juicy oriental pears that are produced by Taichung Shigang District Farmers Association. These thirst-quenching fruits are high in fiber, low in calories and are packed with micronutrients that are essential for blood, bone and cardiovascular health. Crunchy like an apple and deliciously sweet, these pears are best for fresh-eating but also makes great soup which is good for cough. 


Also, Mitagri Co., Ltd is another company that you’ll need to look out for. They produce fresh and high quality pineapples, custard apples, mangoes, bananas, lettuces, onions and carrots. All their fresh produce went through stringent selections before you can purchase them. 


Taiwan’s food products can be found at major supermarket chains like Sheng Siong. You can expect more unique offerings from Taiwan in the near future!