Printable Travel Packing List for All Singaporeans

Whether you are packing for your family or yourself, for a holiday or business trip, we have a personalised packing list for you.

Packing for a trip can be such a chore. It can make or break your trip. Just to prove our point, here are some scenarios that could happen (skip this if you already know and is looking for a printable packing list):


Cue scenario #1: you under-packed and did not bring enough toiletries to last for the whole trip. You ended up spending extra money or had to trouble your friend to share their toiletries with you (minor disruption).


Cue scenario #2: you over-packed your luggage to Korea. When you are in Korea, you bought so many other beauty products that you overshot your luggage weight limit. In the end, you had to decide whether to throw away some products or pay the baggage fees (moderate mood damper). 


Cue scenario #3: you forgot to bring your passport and you don't have enough time to pick up your passport. Yes, you can imagine the disaster that follows after (major disruption). 


To make your trip as smooth sailing as possible, we’ve created a few packing lists for your different needs.



Family Holiday with Mummy Maggie


If you are going on a family holiday with your children, you’ll find this useful. It is an all-comprehensive list for mothers to pack for their babies, toddlers, and themselves (we left the father’s portion out because we believe they are fully capable of packing for themselves).


We’ve also included a list of travel items that you can redeem from Sample Store. We have a wide assortment of skincare and toiletries samples which you can redeem for less than $2 -- it’s going to be cheaper than buying new travel-sized items from Watson or Guardian. We are also looking to bring in more baby items so do keep a lookout at for baby food and sanitary samples. 


Download Travel Packing List for Family Trips (with babies)


Bonus: Travel size samples for wet wipes and make-up remover!



Holiday with Planner Polly & Wanderlust Wendy


Whether you are a planner or last-minute traveller, you will need a checklist to make sure that you are all sorted out. We’ve created one for every travel destination that you have in mind.


On top of that, we’ve also included a list of travel-sized skincare and toiletries that you can redeem from Sample Store. The samples are free and delivery for each item is less than $2. This means you won't need to go down to guardian or Watsons to get your items. You can just wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.


Download Travel Packing List for Your Holiday


Bonus: Travel size toothpaste and shampoo!



Business Trip with Competent Christie


Going on your first few business trips must be pretty nerve-wracking. Make packing easier with this business trip packing list! We trust that your accommodation provides most of the basic toiletries so this is a condensed list of travel essentials. 


Also, you are probably too busy to buy your travel essentials. So here’s a tip: redeem travel essentials from Sample Store and have them delivered to your house. Check out our wide variety of beauty, lifestyle, food and drinks selection, and pick those that you need. We’ve made it easier for you by indicating the items, which can be redeemed at Sample Store, in the packing list. 


Download Travel Packing List for Business Travels


Bonus: Travel size samples for facial cleanser and sunscreen!



Overseas Stayca with Laid-Back Lucy


We know you don’t need much. The list we prepared for you is down-sized so you can have a fuss-free stayca without overpacking. 


To make your trip extra relaxing, you can also head to to redeem masks (for different parts of your body -- from eyes to hair and, of course, the face) and an assortment of snacks and drinks.  


Download Travel Packing List for Overseas Staycation


Bonus: Travel size samples for mask and drinks/snacks!



Sample Store: Your Travel Buddy 


We hope these packing lists are useful to you! Don’t forget to redeem your travel-sized essentials at to save some money. These samples can be placed inside carry-on luggage so they are really convenient. 


If you catch us at the right time, you’ll find free samples with free delivery. This means your travel essential are at $0. How awesome is that? To start redeeming your sample, sign up as Sample Store members at Membership is free! 2020 Top Destination for a Short Getaway from Singapore