NEW: Marc Jacobs First Skin Care Product Is Coming To Singapore

This is the secret behind flawless, “no makeup” makeup look. The models in Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2019 show are the living proof.

"Why bother rehydrating dead skin cells?” asked Global Makeup Artist Nam Vo. She caught me in surprise when she threw that question out in a product video.


Really, why do we spend so much money to hydrate the dead cells at the top of our skins? I guess that's the reason why Marc Jacobs is launching their first-ever exfoliating moisturiser. It's called the Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème.


Here is a breakdown of how it works. It is made of 54% enzymatic pineapple water, 5% encapsulated sodium hyaluronate, and antioxidant-rich starfruit and dragon fruit extracts. The pineapple water exfoliates and smooths away rough skin texture. The sodium hyaluronate and powerful antioxidant extracts then hydrate and nourish the fresh layer of skin. 


The results? Instantly smoother and plumper skin with up to 24 hours of hydration.


You can use Youthquake as a primer, moisturiser or night cream. Lady Gaga wore it as a primer in Met Gala. In fact, she wore the cream with Marc Jacob's touch-up powder and nothing else. No foundation! It is telling of how powerful this moisturiser is. It seems to have this ability to retexture skin, and give anyone a youthful and glowing complexion.


Youthquake? More like youth-quick!


Photo taken from Theo Wargo, Getty Image

Photo taken from Theo Wargo, Getty Image


Of course, the same function is also what gives you a make-up ready canvas. Selena Gomez wore Youthquake as a primer to Cannes International Festival recently. She came out looking like a stunner!


Photo taken from Getty Images

Photo taken from Getty Images


Functions aside, look at the package. Simple, yet there is tinge of fun. It's such a beauty (sigh!). The fruity extracts also gives the cream a fresh, tropical scent. Scents are very important to me. I can’t imagine putting on products with strong chemical smell -- I mean, can you? The smell of sweet tropical fruit is definitely an incentive to apply the cream.


Photo taken from Marc Jacobs

This is Marc Jacobs first skincare product (seriously?!) and I am already in awe. It is such an ingenious way of reinventing the classics. From a plain-old moisturiser, it transformed into a multifunction primer/moisturiser/night cream. I honestly can't wait for more Marc Jacobs skin care products!


Oh, a word of caution before you buy Youthquake. Marc Jacobs mentioned on their website that the product is most suitable for normal to dry skin. It is likely that this full-bodied moisturiser may not be suitable for everyone. But if you want to get it (like I do), it will launch in Singapore on 20 June 2019 at Sephora online and offline stores, retailing at SGD $78.


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