Hair, Brow, Eyelashes, Lips - 5 Reasons To Include A Toothbrush In Your Makeup Bag

Our toothbrushes do a fantastic job at maintaining our pearly whites, but do you know that they also double up as one of the most handy and useful beauty tools you should keep in your makeup bag.

Check out these clever beauty hacks that a toothbrush can do:

1. Keep Those Flyaways In Place


Always have the same old annoying strands of hair sticking out? Spritz some hairspray on your toothbrush and comb away!

2. Va Va Voom Hair


Who doesn’t love having a little volume on your hair? Backcomb your hair with your handy dandy toothbrush and finish with a texturising spray.

3. Tame Your Eyebrows


Don’t want to invest in a brow gel? Here’s a more affordable option - grab your toothbrush, dab a bit of clear balm and brush your brows in place.

4. De-clump Mascara Coated Lashes


Comb through clumpy eyelashes with your toothbrush, this helps to separate lashes for a nicer finish.

5. Exfoliate Your Lips


Nothing can spoil your looks like dry and flaky lips. Simply start by getting a wet toothbrush and gently, in circular motions, use the bristles to remove those unwanted skin.

We believe that there are many other ways to use a toothbrush, share with us your toothbrush hacks by commenting below!

- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)