Double Cleansing Changed Up My Haircare Routine & I’m Never Looking Back

Have you ever shampooed your hair and left the shower feeling like the excess sebum, dust, dirt and grime accumulated in your scalp pores have not been completely cleansed off? Not to worry, you’re not alone!

I personally have oily scalp, and when I use the wrong shampoo, I can actually see significant hair fall due to my scalp not being cleansed properly. That can feel pretty daunting.


With an abundance of blood vessels, sweat glands, sebaceous glands and a higher density of hair follicles, it’s important to cleanse the scalp more thoroughly, compared to the rest of the body. This prevents the unhealthy build-up of excess sebum, sweat and dirt that could potentially clog hair follicles and result in scalp problems like dandruff, acne and even hair loss.


That is why PHS HAIRSCIENCE® created its signature Double Cleanse, a two-step ritual designed for the scalp’s unique needs!

This two-step power cleansing is designed to cleanse the scalp without stripping the scalp of its protective natural oils.



Left to Right:

FEM Fortify Shampoo 200ml ($48) / 1000ml ($210)

ADV Nutrition Shampoo 200ml ($48) / 1000ml ($210)

FEM Fortify Conditioner



Step 1: Start with the ADV Nutrition Shampoo to purify scalp and clean the hair roots thoroughly.

With a clean base achieved, the second PHS HAIRSCIENCE® shampoo will then be able to deliver the benefits.

I try to take my time during showers, just massaging the shampoo for a more thorough cleanse, and to encourage blood circulation on my scalp.

It’s very pampering and shiok!


Step 2: Follow with a second PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Correcting Shampoo to treat specific concerns like hair loss, greying, dandruff, dry, damaged hair, sensitivity, and to protect the scalp.

With 16 shampoos to choose from, there’s something for every hair or scalp concern! I’m using the FEM Fortify shampoo, which helps to manage and prevent mild to moderate hair loss.



Some additional facts that I love about PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products are that they smell fresh and incredible! Each hairwash feels like a really pampering spa session at home that leaves me feeling rejuvenated.

And the best part is, it’s made without harmful additives like parabens, mineral oils or benzophenone.

Due to their concentrated formulas, I only need 1-2 small pumps each time! Talk about value-for-money!


After using the ADV Nutrition Shampoo which contains Korean Botanical Essences & Botanical Stem Cells, you can really feel a difference when your scalp is clean. It’s as if my scalp can breathe again after being exposed to the haze and other pollutants haha!

I love the cool, minty feeling I get from using the FEM FORTIFY Shampoo, not to mention the invigorating scent! The result is fluffy, fresh hair with more bounce, and my scalp and hair feels sparkly clean and well-nourished. Plus, one pump of each shampoo is all I need for my hair - that’s how concentrated the product formulations are!


It’s not an overstatement to say that I cannot live if I don’t wash my hair daily.. It’s literally THAT bad.

So the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® FEM FORTIFY Shampoo is definitely recommended for anyone who’s suffering from hair fall due to oily scalp like myself!

I’ve been seeing a lot less hair loss when I comb through my hair, and the results are very encouraging!

Can’t wait to see more positive results in time to come!



To complement the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® FEM Fortify Shampoo, I’m also using the FEM Fortify Conditioner for the ends of my hair.

A little goes a long way to keep my hair soft and tangle-free!



I’m going to get the AGE Defy range meant for greying hair for my boyfriend because he has quite a bit of white hair. Adulting is so hard sometimes haha!


I’ll admit it took awhile to get used to using 2 shampoos (I still forget sometimes), but it’s really very enjoyable when you just take a moment to massage your scalp properly, and feel the difference after your shower.

Besides, it’s always good to start early before scalp problems escalate and become irreversible.


Hope you guys will give the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Double Cleanse a try. Check this out:



You’ll definitely find a shampoo suitable for your scalp or hair concerns! Thank you for reading!