6 Proven Ways To Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Recovery is just as important as working out, and here’s how you can do it right:

Did you know that continuous training can actually weaken your muscles? The best and strongest athletes are not only knowledgeable in sports, they also know the best recovery techniques and methods.  


On the other extreme, there are hardworking people whose long and hard training regime ended up backfiring on them. They tend to develop overtraining syndrome, which leads to a decrease in training capacity/intensity, pain in muscles and joints, decreased appetite and immunity, and more negative complications. 


No matter which extremes you are in, it's always good to be aware, learn and implement effective, scientifically-backed recovery methods in your training regime. Here are 6 essential methods that you need to know:



1. Get Enough Sleep 


When you sleep, your muscles relax and your body produces its own muscle-building hormones. This helps to relieve tension and reduce symptoms of certain types of chronic pain. As your sleep deepens, blood flow to your muscles then increases, and tissue growth and repair occurs. 


Many critical restorative functions in the body occur mostly or only during sleep. Hence, the best way for your muscles to recover is to get consistent 7-9 hours of sleep (or even more for competitive athletes!).




2. Apply Muscle-Recovery Gel 


Topical creams, like Sheng JR Sports Recovery Gel, are produced to speed up muscle recovery. Sheng JR Sports Recovery Gel is a cooling gel that is made of collagen peptides. It aids in your body’s calcium absorption, ultimately helping you to build stronger muscles and bones. Through the company’s fermentation technology, the peptides are also sequenced to bring out the highest efficacy and easy body absorption.


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3. Hydrate 


Dehydrated muscles = painful muscles. Having sufficient fluids in your body ensures that you don’t face such pain! It also helps to flush your body of toxins and allow for faster muscle recovery. Generally, there is no consensus on the ideal amount of water each person needs, but 4-6 litres of water is a good starting point.



4. Protein before and after a workout


Having protein before working out allows your body to have enough amino acids to start repairing and building muscles during and after workout. 


Want more protein? Go for food that contains both carbohydrates and protein (e.g. yoghurt, peanut butter sandwich, etc) after your workout. We would recommend chocolate milk. The proteins inside chocolate milk are proven to kick start muscle recovery while the chocolaty carbs decrease muscle soreness. Plus, who can resist icy cold chocolate milk after a sweaty workout? 



5. Get A Massage


Nothing beats a nice massage on sore muscles. Even without research, we all know that massages help with post-exercise muscle soreness. We can feel the muscle ache and soreness dissolving away.


To make your recovery session extra rewarding, you could also throw in slow music and aromatic candle into the therapeutic session!


6. Slow Music After Exercise


We know that music helps some of us to stay motivated and focus on the track. However, did you know that music also helps to reduce heart rate and get your blood lactate -- the cause of muscle pain -- back to resting levels after exercise? Yes, it can do that, but only for slow music. 


Changing your playlist after workout is a simple muscle recovery technique music lovers can easily adopt! 



These are easy recovery method that can be incorporated into your training regime. Add them to maximise and power up your training! 


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