5 New Salted Egg Dish For Singaporeans

Crazy over everything salted egg yolk? Feed your craze with these salted egg yolk recipes, made from Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies.

In Singapore, we have Salted Egg Indomie, Golden Duck Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin Crisps, Irvin’s Salted Egg Fish Skin, and salted egg crab. BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH. Today, we are going to add a couple more salted egg creations to the list. To make it happen, we will rely on Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies. 


What is Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies?


Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies is a hot-seller from Taiwan. Although it is named as Salty Yolk Cookies, don’t doubt its authenticity – it’s made from salted egg yolk. The cookie is slightly sweet, and comes with a tinge of saltiness. On your first bite, a buttery pastry taste will hit you, before the salted egg yolk taste creeps in. The two taste then blends and melts to form a sweet-savoury note that leaves you wanting for more.  It is exactly this sweet, yet savoury taste that makes it an ideal ingredient for different dishes. Here are 5 new salted egg yolk creations for your inspiration:



1. Salted Egg Cheesecake Base 


Usually, cheesecake bases are made with graham crackers. The practice is to crush the graham crackers to fine crumbs, add melted butter to the crumbs and press the mixture firmly into a cake mould. The last step is to then refrigerate or bake it to let the butter solidify the crumbs.  


To add a salted egg taste into your cheesecake base, you can simply change the graham cracker with Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies. It’d give your cheesecake a light salted egg yolk taste without overpowering the cheesy filling. It’s sweet, buttery taste would definitely make the base extra fragrant and delicious. 



2. Salted Egg Ice Cream Topping


Can you imagine putting real salted egg on top of your vanilla ice cream? Well, I can’t. Adding salted egg would be like adding chunks of salt on top of ice cream. But I can imagine putting Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies as topping. Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies is already sweet. Its taste does not clash with the ice cream and its flaky texture also adds a different dimension to the plain’o vanilla ice cream. You could also consider adding Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies to salted caramel ice cream! 


Photo taken by Bless This Mess


3. Salted Egg Cereal Cookie Ice Cream


Salted Egg Cereal Cookie Ice Cream is basically a different variation of Salted Egg Cheesecake Base. Rather than pressing the mix of melted butter and cookie into a cake mould, you press it flat on an oven pan. Make it into a circle, freeze it or bake it, and add a scoop of ice cream between two Salted Egg Cereal Cookie dough! Simple as that. 


Photo taken by The Chunky Chef


4. Salted Egg Yolk Crusted Chicken 


Heard of cornflake-crusted chicken? It is baked chicken coated with crispy cornflakes and spices. We are borrowing the idea and coating it with Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies instead! Based on the cornflake-crusted chicken from myrecipes.com, you’ll have to dip the chicken breast into a mix of flour, thyme, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper, before dipping it into a bowl of whisked egg. The last step is to then to press the coated chicken on a tray of extra crunch – in our case, it’s the extra flaky Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies – and sending it off to the oven. For extra saltiness, you can sprinkle additional salted egg yolk bits!



5. Salted Egg Yolk Yoghurt 


Don’t spend your money on llao llao! Use that money and make a better version of llao llao – a homemade yoghurt creation with Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies. It’s simple. Head to the nearest supermarket to choose your favourite yoghurt, crunch Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies and sprinkle it on your yoghurt! To complement the buttery and salty taste of Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies, I’d recommend adding salted caramel sauce, pretzel, caramel popcorn as well! Indulge in this sinfully delicious yoghurt and pamper yourself. 



What do you think of the list? I am hoping to make it on the salted egg Michelin list so any feedback would be great! (haha, there is no such thing as a salted egg Michelin. But if there is, I am confident that our salted egg yolk creations would make it on the list). 


No matter if there is a Michelin list for it, we would strongly recommend for you to give Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies a try (it’s free). We have free samples available at http://bit.ly/SaltyYolkCookies. If you are feeling adventurous and would like to try these recipes, you’ll need a whole bag of Shuen Chi Salty Yolk Cookies to make it happen. We have it available at Sample Store shop page and Shopee at $6.09 (inclusive of registered mail). 


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