3 Major Bad Habits That Cause Skin Problems

Most of us have cultivated bad habits that stop us from having the flawless, youthful, and glowing skin that we have always dreamed of. Learn more about these habits and ways to get better skin.

There are 3 major habits that contribute to pimple-angry, dull, and/or ageing skin. Kick these habits away and you’ll have higher chances of freeing yourself from all the nasty skin problems that you have.


Bad Habit that Causes Acne


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The #1 bad habit that most Singaporeans have is over-washing their skin. This is especially true if you sweat more than the average person or have oily skin. The most obvious thing to do is to wash your face more often or shower more than twice a day. Some may also pick a stronger cleanser that leaves you with a squeaky clean feeling after cleansing.


If you don’t already know, squeaky clean is not good for your skin. Your body needs the natural oils on your skin to prevent acne from popping out. The oil traps foreign particles and protect your skin against bacteria. One of such bacteria is P acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) – the pesky bacterium that causes acne. When you strip away the oil from your skin, you leave your skin vulnerable to this pesky bacteria and other opportunistic bacteria.


There are many effective solutions to solve your oily skin problems, excessive cleaning is definitely not one of them. A new method that is becoming increasingly popular among Singaporean ladies is to consume beauty drinks. Unlike topical products, beauty drinks improve your skin condition from the inside out. They are packed with key nutrients that help you balance sebum production and reduce the appearance of acne scars and enlarged pores. For acne-prone skin, we would suggest the VitaRealm® Skin Perfecting Essence. Not only does this beauty drink fulfils the above wonders, it also contains collagen peptides that boost skin elasticity and hydration!


Bad Habit that Leads to Dull Skin



Dull skin can be caused by a multitude of bad habits, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, and/or poor diet. The predominant factor that leads to dull skin is sun damage, especially for many who skimp on sunblock or worse, not apply at all.


It is of utmost importance to protect your skin with adequate sunscreen, especially in sunny Singapore. We know this is not an easy feat as sunscreens tend to wear off during the day and reapplying it can be a chore.


Another way of inhibiting the level of melanin (which produces dark pigments on our skin) production in your body is to take the VitaRealm® Whitening Collagen. The beauty drink has Collagen peptides that promote collagen synthesis and improve skin’s elasticity. It is also formulated with other key ingredients that work in synergy to help reduce the production of dark pigments and boost skin’s hydration. To read the full ingredient list, click here.


Bad Habit that Speeds up Ageing



With all the bubble tea cravings and trendy dessert cafes, how can you not cave in? Bubble tea – whether it has become a substitution of water or as a form of reward – has become an irreplaceable part of our daily diet. One bubble tea a day may seem insignificant, but it is sufficient to fast-track ageing. According to the World Health Organisation, the recommended daily sugar intake is 25g (6 teaspoons). However just one cup of brown sugar milk tea contains 92.5g of sugar (18.5 teaspoons) – this clearly exceeds the recommended amount! We have not even included sugar found in other common food of the Asian diet – even white rice contains small amounts of sugar.


Consuming too much sugar will lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and the sagging of skin. Excess sugar attaches itself to collagen fibres and produces advanced glycation end products (also known as AGEs) which cause the collagen fibres to lose its elasticity, bringing forth signs of ageing. One way to mitigate the effects of sugar would be to consume VitaRealm Anti- A.G.E. Essence.


This beauty drink is formulated to supplement your body’s collagen with a high dose of marine collagen and high antioxidant extracts. It helps to re-energize skin cells and fight sugar-induced skin ageing. It’s definitely a simple solution to reduce the effect of our high-sugar diet.


Where to get these beauty drinks



You can purchase all the above-mentioned three beauty drinks from VitaRealm® Beauty’s online store at only $39.90 per box of 8’s (free doorstep delivery within Singapore) or from Watson’s stores. Promotional price is only available for a limited time period.


Each box comes with 8 bottles and will last you for a week. These beauty drinks are also fruity and refreshing. You can think of them as fruit juices and replace your afternoon bubble tea/sweet drinks with it. They cost the same but do so much more for your skin! We would say it’s pretty worth the investment!


Oh, do remember, these beauty drinks aren’t miracle drinks. You need to drink them every day for a sustained period of time to achieve the best results.

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