3 Household Products Every Singaporean Family Needs

Save your time on household chores to focus on the important things in life.

Life of a typical Singaporean life – wake up, work, friends/spouse/children/pets, sleep. Oh right, there are also the daily household chores. Ugh. But what if, you can spend less time on some of these chores? With the 3 WORLDiBUY household products below, you can definitely make your house clean and comfortable with lesser time and effort.


RELOVE Anti-bacterial Hand Wash Underwear Liquid Detergent



Ladies, don’t you feel annoyed when the yellow menstrual stains on your underwear just don’t disappear? Some of us even had the experience of scrubbing our underwear till it’s torn, and yet the stain still refuses to come off! Poor us and poor underwear.


With RELOVE Anti-bacterial Hand Wash Underwear Liquid Detergent, we could have saved our lingerie. It is made from AGP protein enzymes that have undergone intensive research and are proven to provide effective and efficient stain removal solution. The solution is both clothes-friendly and safe for hands. It’s no wonder that RELOVE has sold over 1 million bottles of this underwear detergent in just half a year!


Save your underwear from stubborn stains by redeeming a sample of this detergent during 15 – 21 July at http://bit.ly/SSxWiBExclusive. If you can’t afford to wait, you can also purchase the retail size product at http://bit.ly/RELOVEUnderwearDetergent.


Chef Clean - Deodorant Spray – Breeze



Deodorant spray is a must-have in every house. Odour can happen anywhere in the house, through every possible way – from the oily stench after cooking, to the aftermath of a long toilet trip. It’s unavoidable. A common mistake most Singaporeans make, when trying to remove odour, is to mask the odour with strong fragrances. In the end, the deadly combination of the scents gives birth to an even more unbearable smell. That’s where the deodorant spray comes in to save the day.


Of all the deodorant sprays available in the market, Chef Clean Deodorant spray is one of the safest for your children and pets. It is made from a special plant enzyme that takes away odour safely and effectively. With a few sprays, all that is left behind is a light and refreshing fragrance.


Try this gentle and efficient deodorant spray yourself. From 29 July to 4 August, you will be able to redeem a 20 ml sample of the spray at http://bit.ly/SSxWiBExclusive. If you like the sample, you can purchase the retail-sized product at http://bit.ly/ChefCleanDeodorantSpray. While stocks last!


Shanseed Natural Camellia Seed Pet Stain and Odor Remover



Any pet owner would know that it’s impossible to avoid pee and poop accidents in the house. It’s part and parcel of owning a pet! What you need is a lot of patience, a mop, plastic bags and a good pet stain and odour remover to clean up the mess.


We would highly recommend Shanseed Natural Camellia Seed Pet Stain and Odor Remover. It is made from natural ingredients -- natural mountain camellia seed extract, hinoki essential oil, rose essence, coconut oil, plant phytoncide, natural sea salt and pure water. All of which are safe for pets and children, alike. It uses enhanced bio-enzymatic process to break down organic waste, leaving behind an anti-bacterial and fresh environment for your pets and family.


If you own a pet or intends to own a pet, this is a must-have for you. If you are lucky, you may be able to redeem a sample of this spray at http://bit.ly/SSxWiBExclusive. Otherwise, you can purchase the retail-sized product at http://bit.ly/ShanseedPetStainOdorRemover.



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