3 Healthy Snacks for NDP Celebrations

Our home, your stomach, WORLDiBUY Snacks = National Day yumz

I’m sure you have known by now, we are partnering with Taiwan eCommerce, WORLDiBUY, to bring you new and exciting products from across the world. With National Day around the corner, we thought some of the products are great as NDP snacks! So we decided to do a quick review and taste test of the products for you.


Before you read on, you have to know that most of the products listed are free (no delivery fee) and redeemable via Samplestore.com. We’ll list the webpage at the bottom of the article so you’d know where to redeem them!



1. Nutty, High-Calcium Energy Bar

Sinful Level: 🙊 🙊


If you love to snack on nuts or healthy biscuits, you will love Chiu Cheng – Dong Dong Quinoa Energy Bar. Made of organic red and black quinoa, extra virgin olive oil and aegan flower of salt, the ingredients are organic and sourced from either Greek or Peru. They are rich in calcium, fibre and other vitamins that can help to boost your energy. 


Taste test: When we first tried Dong Dong Quinoa Energy Bar, we were surprised by its size. It’s not the usual chunky energy bar, rather it's in smaller pieces. Each piece can be finished within 2-3 bites which make it great for sharing in groups. Friends or family members with a small appetite will also love this since you can keep the bars in containers if you cannot finish them in one sitting. 


The taste was the next surprise factor. Although it’s made of organic quinoa, it tasted like almond! Our colleague, who hates quinoa, was nodding in approval of this particular quinoa product. It also has a crunchy texture that made the snack extra enjoyable. It'd be a great snack to have while waiting for NDP broadcast!



2. Instant “Yogurt-Like” Beverage

Sinful Level: 🙊


YM Biomed YMB520 Probiotics serves as both a supplement and a lightly-sweeten beverage– like Yakult or Vitagen! Those with chronic constipation would fall head-over-heals for this product. It is made of 6 digestive-friendly probiotic strains, patented by the company, that help to improve bowel movement and protect the intestines. Apart from relieving constipation, it also contains vitamin A, C, E and zinc that help to regulate physiological functions.


Taste test: YMB520 Probiotics comes in powder form. You can either pour it in your mouth straight or stir it with water. Generally, we prefer to stir it with water. The powder itself has a yoghurt taste. After mixing it with water, the yoghurt taste is diluted, but there is still a lightly sweet and refreshing after-taste. With this, you can substitute bottled sweet drinks that you wanted to bring to your NDP picnic out with just water and a pack of YMB520 Probiotics.



3. Shiok-ingly Good Spicy Fava Beans

Sinful Level: 🙊 🙊 🙊


With all the mala hype, how can we not include a tongue-burning snack to the mix? That’s why we have Sung-Chi Spicy Fava Beans. Made from Australian broad bean, it is baked in low heat and then coated with powdered wild heart-shaped pepper, Chinese red pepper and rock salt. There are no preservatives or chemical additives added.


Taste test: One bite of the Spicy Fava Beans and we can feel part of the tongue burn. The more we eat, the more addicted we are to this snack. We love how it’s not just spicy, but there is also the after-taste of the fava beans. It compliments the pepper well and adds another dimension to the snack.  


Honestly, this Sung-Chi Spicy Fava Beans is the perfect snack when you miss your potato chips during a diet. It is as "shiok" as those chips, but it’s healthier and less processed. If you munch on this snack during NDP broadcast, we are sure that you'll finish it by the end of the whole celebration. 



Bonus: For Those Who Want To Avoid Snacking (Sample Store Favourite!)

Sinful Level: 0


If you really can’t afford to snack or you have a family member/friend who can’t, we have the perfect solution for you: AKI - Supercritical Complex Polysaccharide Enzyme. This way you or your loved ones don't have to feel FOMO when the rest of the group tries the other WORIDiBUY products! 


Supercritical Complex Polysaccharide Enzyme combines 9 different vegetable and fruit extracts, as well as a healthy dose of probiotics, to supplement your diet. Ultimately, it promises to promote metabolism, improve constipation, and helps you to achieve your ideal body shape.


Taste test: Supercritical Complex Polysaccharide Enzyme comes in powder form. You can consume this directly or you can choose to add it to your drinks. The powder is tasteless so drinking it was as though we were drinking plain water. Some of us in the team particularly liked this fact, because it’s easy to include inside any drinks.



As promised, you can redeem samples of these products for free or buy them through these webpages:


• Chiu Cheng – Dong Dong Quinoa Energy Bar: http://bit.ly/QuinoaEnergyBar (Available from 29 July- 4 August but samples are running out fast! Fastest fingers win)


• YM Biomed YMB520 Probiotics: http://bit.ly/YMB520Probiotics (Samples out of stock but product is available for purchase) 


• Sung-Chi Spicy Fava Beans: http://bit.ly/SpicyFavaBeans (Available from 12 - 18 August)


• AKI - Supercritical Complex Polysaccharide Enzyme: http://bit.ly/PolysaccharideEnzyme  (Samples available now. While stocks last!)


With this, we hope you will have a Happy National Day celebration with your loved ones! For more information about the latest sample and product launch, sign up for your free membership here and subscribe to our newsletter.


By Writer, Shirley Yam