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22 - 22 Nov 2020

Beauty secrets revealed! Brought to you by Beauty Keeper.

The first ever Beauty Show brought to you by Beauty Keeper, organised by Sample Store and hosted by Hossan Leong happened last weekend, 2nd April at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands!

Those who were lucky enough to be invited were in for a treat as some extremely lucky ones walked away with attractive prizes, including the Grand Prize of a pair of air tickets to Taiwan! Read on for the highlights!


Enjoy the highlight reel of Sample Store's first ever Beauty show!

Read on further for the full details on the Beauty Show! 


Here’s the stage set-up right outside Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands!


Our very own lovely, Sample Store social influencers who arrived early for lunch specially prepared; Individual meat and fresh salad platters were served to each influencer to enjoy the very best of Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria!

The rest of the audience whom consisted of our supportive Sample Store members as well as honoured guests, the SING!China Singapore Selections Top 12 finalists were eagerly waiting and patiently seated, looking forward to the start of the Beauty Show!


Here are the stars of the day - the charismatic and gorgeous Beauty Expert, Candy Tiong and the ever-lovable, comedic host Hossan Leong!

What are these two lovely stars presenting to us? Well, let’s check out some of the exclusive Taiwanese beauty products by Beauty Keeper flown all the way from Taiwan to grace our event! The audience who were lucky enough to attend this Beauty Show had all walked away with a goodie bag with some of these items!

These are some of the hottest brands from Beauty Keeper; featuring super cool products like a make-up eraser, facial soap that tai-tais in Taiwan use, acne-busting cream, underwear that lifts and shapes and much more!


The influencers were invited to browse the products while waiting for the show to start and they happily obliged!



The stage was also well-prepped with all the Beauty Keeper products which our Beauty Expert, Candy used for her live beauty makeover demo on selected SING!China finalists.




Hossan livened up the atmosphere from the moment he belted out the classic Mandarin song, ‘月亮代表我的心’ as his opening ceremony to commence the show. He definitely tickled the audience with such a random yet comical display; we guess it was his attempt to impress the SING!China Singapore Selections 2017 Top 12 finalists! ;D

The Beauty Show kickstarted with Hossan introducing the Top 12 finalists to our audience! We’re thankful to the Top 12 for gracing our event in spite of their busy schedules, having back to back publicity activities lined up, especially with the SING!China Singapore Selections 2017 finals happening just the day before!

Recognize any of them? Holler below if they’re your friends! <3

A short introduction and Q&A with the finalists!


And finally, these are the 3 finalists shortlisted for the live makeover demo! From left to right, Mio, Kah Wei and Aaron!


And with that, Hossan invited our Beauty Expert, Candy to the stage to greet the audience!

Candy introduced herself as a professional make-up artist and stylist with more than 10 years of experience in the industry; she’s famous for her creativity, flair and talent for creating natural glowing make-up. She has worked with international celebrities like Juliet Nicole Simms and Nate Teo and is also a mentor to the make-up artists at her agency, A2i Makeup.

She also shared her best-kept beauty secret which is - Hydration. Her beauty secret is to drink at least two litres of water a day. She starts each day by drinking two glasses of water with lemon juice. She also shared that during times when she thinks she’s hungry, she’s actually just dehydrated. So her advice is to drink water first before grabbing that packet of potato chips to munch on. Her ultimate tip is that even when you are feeling exhausted, you must look after your skin with a proper skincare regime.

Yes, indeed Candy! As the saying goes, there’s no ugly woman in this world, only lazy ones!

Now it’s time to work her magic on the 3 finalists!

First up is…

The very dashing, Aaron! His face is examined by Candy to deduce what products are suitable to bring out his glowing complexion.


Among the Beauty Keeper products on display, Candy has selected the MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser to gently cleanse while increasing Aaron’s skin hydration levels all while smoothening out his skin texture, tightening his pores and controlling oil secretion. This preps his skin for the day!

What’s unique about this acid-free, foaming face cleanser is that it requires no hand-rubbing; too much rubbing motions is not good for your skin. This dermatological-tested cleanser does its job quickly within 30 seconds. It’s suitable for all skin types especially oily and sensitive skin. You can find out more or purchase it here.


Next in the Day skincare regimen - Masking time!

The audience looking on in amusement!


While we waited for Aaron’s face to reap the benefits of the mask, Hossan went around to invite some members of the audience up on stage to test out Beauty Keeper’s products!

Who are the lucky 3 audience members to take to the stage?

They were tasked to play a mini guessing game with Aaron in order to win $20 shopping vouchers! 

One of them had the privilege to test out the “tai-tai soap” which is the Destino Cleansing Soap! It’s known as “tai-tai soap” because all the tai tais in Taiwan love it.

Destino is a rejuvenating, foamy soap that cleanses gently without tugging the skin. Its benefits include:
- Deep cleansing the pores to keep it clear from impurities
- Helps in oil balance
- Prevents acne
- Exfoliates dead skin gently
- And cleanses away light makeup and sun protection products

You can find out more about Destino Cleansing Soap here.


To end off Aaron’s makeover, Candy decided to give him a natural make-up look using Userism DD Cream! DD Cream is the new generation of BB and CC Creams, and they are very big in Taiwan now. This is the era of the DD Cream – think of it as a very multi-talented all-in-one cream and sunscreen. The DD Cream is generally lighter in texture than the CC Cream. Like the BB Cream and the CC Cream, the DD cream has skincare benefits like brightening and anti-aging ingredients and can even balance the skin’s sebum levels.

What lse did we learn with Candy's sharing session?

We learned that BB Cream works as a foundation, covering blemishes and moisturizes like a skincare product.

The CC cream came later on and is a Colour Correction cream. A CC cream has all the benefits of a BB cream but it evens out the colour of the skin tone - you'd use it for redness of skin or dullness of complexion.

DD stands for Daily Defense and this cream has skincare benefits like brightening and anti-aging ingredients and can even balance the skin’s sebum levels. Plus, it works as a sunscreen.

The UserISM Dynamic All Day Defense DD Cream offers:
- SPF50 active protection
- Helps to control oil balance
- Conceal fine lines, moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening
- Even out skin complexion

Candy also shared that there’s a misconception that guys shouldn’t wear make-up but what they don’t realise is that just a little bit of makeup goes a long way, and not just on camera but in person too! Guys in Korea, Japan and Taiwan are very much advanced in the personal grooming aspect – some even go for eyelash perms and no one bats an eyelid!

The takeaway here is that you don’t need a lot of makeup, just a little bit of this Userism DD Cream applied on the shinier parts of your face will help you look cool even on a hot, sweaty day. The key is the ultra-natural effect that makes you look like you’re not wearing any make-up at all! 

Find out more about the Userism DD Cream here.

Fast forward to post-show, just to flaunt Aaron’s final, close-up look with the DD Cream on. It’s really natural-looking, don’t you think? He’s definitely more camera-ready now! =)

Now that Aaron has transformed, next up is the sweet and lovely, Mio!

Our Beauty Expert, Candy wasted no time at all in demonstrating the Userism DD Cream on her as well, just to prove that it’s a product for all ages and gender!

While Candy gently applied the Userism DD Cream to help Mio achieve a Day look, she also shared her next beauty secret! 

Candy advised that we shouldn’t rely on make-up for healthy-looking skin. We should be eating well, incorporating top skin foods for glowing complexion. Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids like salmon and tuna, walnuts, Vitamin C-rich foods like oranges, kale, broccoli and foods with anti-oxidants like sweet potatoes and pumpkin should be part of our daily diet.

Yup, you really are what you eat!

Ensure that the DD Cream is blended well!

Next, Candy proceeds to primp Mio’s eyebrows and eyes. Products used included Starsuki cosmetics like the Audacious Trio Eyeshadow and Super Perfect Remover Pen! You can find out more here.


To top off Mio’s Day look, Candy completed it with the Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew.

What is it good for?

- For natural luscious lips
- It contains shea butter and organic plant oil, so it is great for preventing chapped lips
- Plus, it changes colour according to your natural lip colour so it looks like a sexier shade of your own natural lip shade.

The most intriguing fact about this product is that other than functioning as a tinted lipgloss, it acts as a tint for your lady parts, too!

You can find out more about the Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew here.


To transform Mio’s Day look to a Night look, Candy decided to glam up Mio’s look quickly by intensifying the colours on half of her face to compare the Before and After.

And this is Candy’s next beauty secret! 

Eyeshadow and eyeliner are a quick and easy way to transition your look from day to night.

To create the wide-eyed look, The All Belle Mini Art Eyelashes are also used. Long lashes can really open up your eyes. If you are going to a party, this is a great product to use. 

Again, a little goes a long way! Candy used the Starsuki Kiss Me Now lipstick for a brighter, more saturated colour to make Mio’s face pop. Notice Mio's longer and fuller lashes from the side, too?

Doesn't Mio look completely transformed on half of her face now? You can find the products used on Mio here.


And finally, the pretty and adorable, Kah Wei’s turn is next!

Candy demonstrated a night skincare regimen on her to educate us that a daycare skincare regimen and a night skincare regimen should be different.

A night cleansing routine is super important because it is about preparing your face for a good night's rest! And while you are sleeping, your skin cells are working hard to repair all the inevitable damage incurred from the day.

First of all, Candy demonstrates that you’d need to remove all your make-up properly so that your face can absorb all the goodness you apply on it afterwards.

And here is where the All-Belle Anion Skin Towel comes in!

This is what we call a ‘magical towel’ - it can cleanse off heavy make-up easily just by soaking it in water and gently wiping all over your face!

What's the secret to this magical towel?

The secret is in the nanofibers; they are 250 times smaller than human hair which allows it to reach into our pores for a deep cleanse without any cleansing agents necessary!

You can find out more about this magical product here.

What's the next beauty secret which Candy will share with us? 

That using skincare that’s right for your skin condition and our hot weather is paramount to getting good skin. Using skincare that’s not appropriate or too harsh can really mess up your skin. Most Singaporeans have oily or combination skin, so using water-based skincare that helps to balance your moisture and sebum levels is usually what we all need. 


And here's where the MD/AA Jiao Oil and Water Dual Balancing Gel comes into play!


It controls sebum secretion and helps to balance oil levels and shine on the face. Simply apply to the T-zone or even the entire face!

This product contains oxygen, spring water and aloe vera and is suitable for all skin types especially oily and acne-prone skin! You can find out more about this product here.


Next up on Kah Wei's face is the Maskingdom 20% Mandelic Acid White Emulsion!


It should be applied after cleansing and is good for anti-aging, wrinkles, sun damaged skin.

Maskingdom 20% Mandelic Acid White Emulsion contains very powerful stuff and penetrates slowly into skin. It contains Mandelic Acid which is an almond extract – a form of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that is becoming very popular because it’s gentle yet very effective; in Taiwan, it’s the hottest anti-acne ingredient today!

You can find out more about this product here.


What's Candy's last beauty secret to share with our audience?

Looking after yourself is the best way to look good all the time. A good diet, sleep, hydration and plenty of exercise. I play golf and that’s what I do in my leisure time, so a top tip: a good sports bra is a girl’s best friend. It’s always there to support you!


And that's where BeautyKeeper has got you all covered! Here's presenting to you - Mollifix Highlight A++ Upgraded Sports Bra!

A lot of women don’t use sports bras when they exercise and this is a huge nono! All women should wear a good pair of sports bra as it offers good and proper support during exercise. Breasts have no muscle, so without proper support, the skin and ligaments can break down and cause sagging. Not only does the Mollifix Highlight A++ Upgraded Sports Bra give great support, especially for fuller busts, it is also made of a breathable fabric that helps wick away sweat!

You can find out more here.

And with that, Candy has shared her top to toe beauty secrets with our lucky audience. Stay beautiful, fit and healthy with BeautyKeeper!


Before Candy took her leave, the Top 12 SING!China Singapore Selections finalists took to the stage for a group photo together with the representatives from BeautyKeeper and Sample Store! The Top 5 finalists were then presented with BeautyKeeper products to take home, as well as a plaque to commemorate their participation in SING!China Singapore Selections.


And now, it's time for the Grand Lucky Draw! Who will walk away with the air tickets to Taiwan / Bangkok?

Here we have Cris from BeautyKeeper drawing the lucky winning numbers!


Hossan getting the crowd psyched for the lucky winning number! Those with numbers coinciding with the winning number were all told to stand and as the numbers were called out, those whom are eliminated would have to take a seat, leaving the winner standing!


Who's the lucky audience member to win the Third Prize?

Congrats to one of our own Sample Store influencer!


And finally... Who will win the Grand Prize?

All hoping that the winning number starts with the digit 3!


Alas... The last one standing is the lucky audience member who gets to fly to Taiwan!


Congrats on walking away with a pair of air tickets to Taiwan (worth $1,200) + $50 Beauty Keeper Shopping Vouchers!


And with that, our guests were once again invited to peruse the BeautyKeeper booths and test out the products featured during the live demo!


And that concludes Sample Store's first-ever Beauty Show in collaboration with BeautyKeeper!


We'd like to thank all who came by to show their support and to those who contributed their time and efforts into making this show a huge success! Special thanks to our host of the day, Hossan Leong and Beauty Expert, Candy Tiong as well as BeautyKeeper and Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria (Marina Bay Sands)!


We hope to see all of you again soon!