22 - 22 Jul 2019

Which team are you on? #MyMarmiteMyWay Best Review contest

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Then there’s also a third group of clueless people who don’t belong to either teams yet.. Team Never-Heard-of-Marmite. 

In other words, when you talk to them about Marmite, they usually exclaim with a confused expression, “What’s that??”

Just try it with your friends and family and see who falls into this category! =D What's more amusing is when you finally let them smell/taste Marmite... It's basically what our favourite spikey fruit, durian is to foreigners whom have never tried it. ;)


If you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to grab a fun-sized free sample of Marmite from SampleStore.com recently, then don’t forget to submit your review to stand to WIN $22 worth of Marmite!! Read on to find out more on how you can win!

What do we mean by fun-sized? It's a 70g bottle of Marmite goodness!

For a better depiction of just how fun-sized it is.... Here's one with an average-sized hand ;D

Isn't it the perfect size to slip in your bag for on-the-go cravings? ;D

So how do you WIN another 3 different-sized Marmite bottles to complete your Marmite family of 4?
We have 3 sets of 115g (worth $3.69), 230g (worth $6.47) and 470g ($12.33) up for grabs!


Simply review it on SampleStore.com here and share with us your wacky way of eating it (e.g. mixing in porridge, soup, toast or cooking etc.)! It's that simple =)

We will select 3 winners from the reviews submitted by 30th September to each win the family of Marmite bottles worth $22! 

Lastly, how about sharing with us below which Team you're on? ;)

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